The Voice

L.A. Turcotte is as sultry a singer as they come. Her vocal range and the depth of character and richness to her voice invite the listener in. A balance between soulful grit and angelic notes allows for each song to have its unique and individual flavour.

Born and raised just outside of Toronto, L.A. has made Toronto her home the last five years. Rather than conform to one genre she sings it all! Early training at the Royal Conservatory of Music in opera allowed her to explore her passion for the classics. The realisation that her voice was more suited for various styles from rock and roll, blues, jazz and folk, L.A. branched out on her own which opened her up to all kinds of musical genres.

As a jazz singer, L.A.’s influences range from all the great songstresses. The unique and dynamic voice of Ella Fitzgerald is what really pushed her to continue in jazz. Having been surrounded by rock and roll and folk music from a young age, she continues to play numerous cover gigs singing songs ranging from the 60’s to 90’s. Her musicality in various genres is what makes her a popular choice for all events, ranging from weddings, corporate events to private parties.

Early On

L.A. got her start in musical theatre as a chorus singer and quickly moved to the front of the stage, where she has played leads in “Godspell” and “Tommy”, as the Acid Queen. Soon she began writing her own songs and produced and wrote her album “Yellow Man” with then musical partner Glen Rhodes.

Through her twenties, Glen and L.A. collaborated on many projects, namely writing music for the Oprah Winfrey Show. Their music can be heard beneath the voice of Julia Roberts during the episode on Hurricane Katrina, and most notably the theme song for Oprah’s 40 Anniversary DVD. Changing gears, in 2007 L.A. moved to Xi’an, China and soon became known as the singing ‘lao wai’, (foreigner). L.A. played jazz gigs around the city for private and corporate events. Eventually, she was asked to play a residency at the famous five star Shangri-La Hotel, where she performed with a style that harkens back to the days of Frank Sinatra and Billy Holiday. Nightly, she filled the room with many
coming just to hear the singing ‘lao wai’s’ sultry voice.

Upon her return to Canada, L.A. together with stellar musicians created her Sultans of Soul band, with whom she can be seen in various clubs and bars around the city. She considers herself fortunate to be playing with some of the greats this city has to offer, such as Richard Whiteman, Don Campbell, Sean Bellaviti, Thompson Egbo, James Campbell, Jeff Eager and Kevin Howley. She is currently in the writing process of her second studio album, and is looking to produce and record it in 2017.